Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Several years ago, I wanted to open up a 501 C3 to promote the Conservative agenda, but I predicted that Conservative’s would be targeted by the IRS on my Facebook page (many years before the scandal broke). Yes, once again I was ahead of the news.


The Conservative Monster NEEDS SPONSORS….


  • OVER 1.5 million people have read The Conservative since May 2009 (Estimate includes Facebook and Twitter).
  • The Conservative Monster has almost 13,000 followers on just Facebook and Twitter. That number is growing daily. 

New policy for advertising:

  • $600 per year to have your website link on the top of The Conservative Monster
  • $1000 per year to have a business card style ad (designed by the client) on the top of The Conservative Monster
  • Your link will be added to the Sponsors Page


The monthly traffic ranges from 11,000-38,000 page views per month depending if there is a major news story breaking.

In 2013, the Conservative Monster website got 220,840 page views. These numbers don’t include Facebook or Twitter which I estimate to be 2-3 times higher than 220,840 (near 600,000).

This means your website could be exposed to almost one million people per year. I have turned off the mobile device program, because that was effecting the sidebar’s exposure.

Please email me at if you are interested in advertising your website. Successful Conservatives need to support websites like The Conservative Monster. This is where the Liberals are beating us badly.


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