4 Augmented Classifications Of News Articles

News Article. News is a general term that may mean any one of a multitude of subjects relating to the happenings in the world as a whole or, more specifically, in current events. This broad term is very vague and has many different applications. It can literally be used to mean the latest news, but often it is used in more metaphorical ways to mean news reports, especially political news. For example, a piece of news might be described as a news report about the latest military activity in the Middle East, but when that same piece of news is related to politics, a different meaning would usually be something about the upcoming elections in that region or some aspect of that region.

News Article. The widest known usage of the word is to simply say a story relating to current events, the latest news, or some other such generic term. This 19th century word first begins with an alliteration of two digraphs which don’t generally connect. This alliteration makes news more difficult to understand for most people because not only does one have to struggle to determine an article’s meaning from the beginning, but the words usually have very little meaning beyond the fact that they begin with a different letter than their English counterparts. Still, even when the digraph is unclear, the article itself can make a great deal of personal impact upon readers.

News Article. A news article can make a huge personal impact on the reader when a familiar name is mentioned, especially if that name is one that the reader has come across before and found interesting or intriguing. That familiarity with a person can make news stories more interesting to read, because what the eye sees as the story is likely to be more interesting to that person because of the personal impact that the news has created.

Celebrity News. The world of celebrity news has taken off in recent years, and one of the most popular niches is based around stars and celebrities who are being accused of various offenses. While many of these cases are based entirely upon hearsay and mistakes made by the star themselves, others are based upon actual facts which the public must take on trust. The case of Tiger Woods being charged with breaking a woman’s window while intoxicated is a perfect example of this, while another case that made headlines around the world involved Justin Bieber biting a girl.

News Article. Another popular use for News Articles in the modern era is to actually describe something that has happened, as opposed to something that has happened in the future. For instance, four years ago we learned that Barack Obama had won the Iowa Democratic Primary, but just days later we learned that a member of the press had incorrectly reported the event. In a way, the false news report from the media impacted how the general public thought about the matter, but the actual news itself may have had a somewhat negative impact on the Democratic Party overall, as some voters stayed home due to their misgivings about Obama and the Iowa events in general.

White Wash. As a generalization, this refers to anything that is white washed, meaning it has been whitened so that it now appears clean, without having to actually go through any blackening processes such as bleaching or blackening. This includes but is not limited to, things like official election results, celebrity news stories, and even items which appear in cookbooks and cookware sets.