All The News That You Can Handle

An example of bad news in headlines is a story of loss of life. The news item in question was one concerning a fatality from a car accident. An example would be, a young adult male driving under the influence of alcohol kills another person. The headline should say, vehicular manslaughter. This is what the news reporters call vehicular manslaughter.

A few examples of bad news in headlines are, school shootings, floods in California, lightning strikes, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, national emergencies, and terrorist events. In news reporting, bad events are usually called breaking news. A good example of this would be a news item about a school shooting. It is important to note that the phrase ‘breaking news’ has been used so much in today’s news that it has morphed into a non-existent description. Nowadays news items are reported by the police and the fire department.

News items that are bad for business include violence, crimes, sexual content, and other bad news. Some examples of these would be, child molestation, rape, murder, and so on. Another type of bad news in a newspaper would be advertising fraud. For instance, a business that offers a service that helps people find a missing person would be considered a bad news story. The same goes for fraud. Advertising fraud refers to false advertising.

Another example of bad news in a newspaper would be gambling. Gambling is illegal in many states, but still occurs. So, a story about a gambler or two in jail for being involved in a gambling ring could be bad for business. The writer obviously decided that the writer needed a tough phrase to make this reporting bad for business. A better example of bad news in the newspaper would be a story about a terrorist. If that story mentioned the group, or even a current member of that group then it would not be considered newsworthy.

Good news, on the other hand, is something that helps businesses. Examples of good news in the news include stories about new products, new businesses, and events. So, a news article that reports that a new Internet gambling site has a new customer or a new business going into business on the river could be considered good news for business. A news story that announces a charitable fund that has been created or an event that is about to take place could also be described as good news for business.

Even though some newspapers have bad content, the fact that most newspapers have staff that work hard to keep the news concise and relevant makes up for any bad news in the morning. Many Americans simply don’t have the time to sit down and read a bad copy. Luckily, news is available for every need. Simply go online and read up on all the latest news. There’s no reason to suffer through bad news; just turn on your computer and get news straight to you.