How to Apply Styles to Microsoft Word Documents

A table of content helps organize your blog posts by showing how many times each entry was updated, where it appears and how it relates to other entries. It also shows the number of sources used in a particular post. The contents of a blog entry are displayed as thumbnails on your blog or at the end of a post. They are also shown in a vertical fashion in the sidebar of the blog. You may change the formatting of your blog easily by using one of the available software packages for WordPress, as well as themes and plug-ins for your WordPress blog.

The easiest method to make a complete table of content is to use all the built-in headings styles throughout your document. You could also make a table of content by using the column-based custom styles instead. Or, you could assign the individual table of content columns to individual text sources. Whichever method you choose, you can use different formatting styles for the different entries in the document.

When editing a post, first click in the word processing tool, go in the editor section and look for the “Styles” drop down menu. In the “cius” drop-down menu, look for the “apply style” button. Click the button, follow the instructions, and then type a new style name, enter a description of the style in brief and click OK.

Some tips in making a table of content: Use italic, bold or oblique fonts for headings. Use one heading for a title, many for the content of the post. Type short paragraphs in a Word processor. Use tables of content to separate the different sections of an article. Type a heading 1 word at a time, and type the next heading as a text source.

To apply styles to a document in Microsoft Word, select the “gear” icon on the toolbar. Then select “Structure” and choose “New Style”. In the “Style” drop-down menu, choose “heading 1” from the pop-up list. Enter a heading 1 word or a short paragraph number, the full name of the style, the font size and color of the selected text, the style name itself, and then click OK.

If you want to add formatting styles to a selection area, you can right-click on the selection area and choose “New Style”. In the “Style” drop-down menu, choose “heading 1” and then type a short paragraph number, the full name of the style, and finally, click on “OK”. To remove formatting styles, select “Style” and then choose “edit” next to the style name. Finally, deselect the selection area and click on “Remove Style”.