How to Format Specific Values in Microsoft Excel 2021

There are many useful features available in Microsoft Word. One feature that is quite useful is the handy function that allows you to highlight a word, phrase, or sentence as you type. You can then choose from several styles to suit your needs. This saves you time because you no longer have to go back and forth to the Insert, Paragraph, or Page tab to choose a different style. Here are some ways in which you might use the highlighted text functions in Microsoft Word.

To format using styles: Select the text you wish to format, or simply position your cursor at the start of the line. In the group on the Home page, choose the desired style in the drop-down list. The selected text will become the highlighted text. Click the style name when you have finished selecting it to permanently apply the formatting to the document. For more options, click on the Style tab at the Format toolbar. You will see many styles in use.

To edit a paragraph or a single page, select the page you wish to edit in the Document tab. On the Edit tab, under the Styles section, click a style to apply the formatting to this page. When you are finished applying the formatting, check the unchecked box to show the formatting details for the whole page. Then click OK. Save the file as a copy of the original document, if you desire to make changes to the formatting.

To quickly change the font size of an element, select the size you want, and then click on the Format Tool to display the appropriate character style for the selected element. For example, to change the size of the fonts in a table, select the Character font option. Click the Size drop down list to display the number of characters available in the Font size selection. Click the button that corresponds to your desired font size.

Some elements in a document do not have styles associated with them. These elements can be automatically styled by the Document Editor in Excel. For example, the Spell checker in Microsoft Word automatically style the keywords used in a document. Similarly, other features available in Excel, such as the AutoFit toolbar or the toolbox, also enable you to automatically format a part of an element.

In an Office application, there are several ways to change the formatting of different text properties. You may get confused with all the different dialog boxes, and the different ways in which they indicate different properties and values. The easiest way is to open the Properties dialog box, select a value from the Values dialog box, and then click on the Override button. However, you should remember that certain values must be defined in order for the override action to take place.