Learning Word Styles

A style sheet is the term given to a certain set of structural formatting features. A style sheet is a set of formats that can be applied simultaneously to one or more documents or one or few characters. Styles can also be used during document modification and creation. Some of the most common styles are the Courier, APL, and HTML.

Using the rectangular toolbar, browse over the text on your document in the Word macro, and use the left and right arrows to move to the next line. Notice that after you have saved your document, the ‘x’ button is grayed out and the dialogue box appears. Click on the ‘oggle’ button to restore the normal formatting. When you are in a normal mode, the normal toolbar and scroll bars appear, and the text boxes are filled with the appropriate formatting.

When you are in fill format mode, you use the normal rectangular keyboard to fill the form. Notice that the character and font styles are still active. To apply styles to a Word document, select the document from the main menu or window, and choose the ‘applies’ drop-down menu. Type a style name or a simple description into the text box. When you are in fill format mode, the document looks as it does when you are in a regular text mode.

The other major type of formatting is the invisible styles. invisible styles do not make any visual appearance, so they can be very useful for designing documents that are more flexible. If you apply a style to a document without using any visible margins, the text will be flush with the background of the document. For this type of formatting to work, you need to specify a width and height for the document that is greater than zero. This will make all the spaces between the paragraphs and the body of the document invisible.

Some invisible styles also define a new invisible border around the entire document. You can specify the height and width of this border. When you are in visual mode, you can use the arrow keys to highlight the border. A highlighted border makes it easy to see the formatting. There are many other invisible formatting features available, but those are the most common.

All these types of changes to Word occur automatically. You do not have to do anything special. The modified fonts are printed in the normal way. When printing a document in full color, it is necessary to use the print preview feature to make sure the new font style looks exactly like the original. When printing a document in grayscale, a grayscale version of the document must be printed.