The Slot Restaurant in Banyuwangi

Located in Banyuwangi’s business district, the slot has a few tricks up its sleeve. As one might expect from the name, the aforementioned restaurant serves the usual suspects along with some swanky newbies. The restaurant’s most impressive feature is its elaborate interior. The restaurant also provides one of the best views of the city’s thriving business district. As for the food, the restaurant’s selection consists of a few notable names including Indonesian and American fare, as well as a couple of more mundane dishes.

In addition to the usual suspects, the slot also provides a few more notables, including a well executed wine list and some of the best desserts in town. As for the service, the staff has a knack for customer service, especially the servicemen who take care of your business with a minimum of fuss. The slot also has a couple of nifty features, including a slick mobile ordering system and a convenient check-out counter. It’s also a place to snag a few well-deserved snooty drinks. The aforementioned restaurant is well worth the trip from Banyuwangi’s bustling business district, and is a great place to sample some of the best in town.