Trends in Men’s Clothing

Fashion is a mode of individual autonomy and self-expression at a given time and location and at a given context, usually of clothing, footwear, cosmetics, hairstyles, body language, and lifestyle. The word itself implies a distinctive look defined by the fashion industry, which is also called as what’s fashionable. The first fashion trends were defined back in the eighteenth century with the French Revolution. Back then there were already labels for clothing such as “tailored” and “bespoke”. As a result, this made it easier to distinguish between what was considered fashionable and what wasn’t. Thus, it was already different from other forms of dress during those times.

With the coming of the Industrial Revolution, there was now a vast industry that was devoted to producing clothes for workers. With this, fashion became more mainstream and was no longer limited to a few elite people. The appearance of fashion in the nineteenth century gave an entire new meaning to fashion show and became an industry of its own. Before that, the fashion was usually related only to the lives of rich and wealthy people. However, as the nineteenth century progressed, it expanded into the everyday lives of ordinary people.

Since the nineteenth century, fashion trends have evolved to be more democratic. Clothing, including women’s clothing and men’s wear became more accessible and flexible since transportation invented. People can easily travel from one place to another and they can change their clothing style just within the comfort of their homes. This made the fashion industry expand and grow, which led to the need for new and more advanced and cheaper materials to produce clothes.

Another reason why fashion trends develop is because people want to look different. When there are numerous designs and styles available, there is the tendency to look unique and different from others. In order to keep up with this kind of trend, clothing manufacturers needed to experiment and try out different materials and colors. Continuous experimentation and improvements made the clothing industry what it is today. People tend to change their clothing life cycle or style depending on the current fashion trend.

During the past few years, there were some fashion trends that have been taken by the edge. One of those is the wearing of cuff bracelets. Cuff bracelets are considered as one of the newest clothes for men. There are many fashions and designs that are related to cuff bracelets such as the silverman, black cuffs, silver mani pendants, gold plated cuff bracelets, etc. Some fashions also include stripped cuffs which were originally designed for motorcycle pilots during World War II.

Another type of fashion that is commonly seen today is called hip hop clothing. Hip hop is a culture that is centered and dominated by African-American and Latino individuals. Due to the color difference, it became more popular and many people flaunt it as a style statement. Hip hop clothing includes baggy jeans, chinos, T-shirts and hoodies. These items make great attire for people who want to be in style. This is just but one of the major styles that have taken over the fashion industry and made it what it is today.